What to Do if a Car Insurance Company is Stalling

What to Do if a Car Insurance Company is Stalling Are you trying to claim your car insurance and the company is just stalling your claim? Well, there is a chance that after an unfortunate …

What to Do if a Car Insurance Company is Stalling

What to Do if a Car Insurance Company is Stalling

Are you trying to claim your car insurance and the company is just stalling your claim? Well, there is a chance that after an unfortunate car accident, many people had to go through this tiresome process of claiming car insurance.

Most of the time insurance companies try to stall the insurance. So that they don’t have to pay the amount of insurance. What to do if a car insurance company is stalling? Well, here is the solution. Continue ready so that you know how to handle such a situation.

Get Details of the Insurance Claiming Process

First of all, you need to have detailed information about the car insurance claiming process. It will increase your chances of getting your claim. Once you are informed then you know when the company will stall your insurance payment.

To get information about the process you can contact a personal injury lawyer. Ask for a free consultation about the process. You will get to know the possible reasons a company may stall your payment. Also, look for possible actions that you can take to avoid such circumstances.

Additionally, look for the situations when a company is obliged to pay the insurance. Look for possible stalling reasons and try to avoid them. The most important part is to know when to make contact with your attorney.

Why a Car Insurance Company is Stalling?

There are a bunch of reasons why a car company is not clearing your insurance payment. Here are some of them:

  1. The most common and obvious reason is lack of time. If the adjuster is doing a lot of work and has many requests before you so you will have to wait for your turn. The only in such situations is to wait for your turn. So be patient in this case.
  2. The company may have an insurance policy to deny all claims.
  3. You might have not provided the complete documents which are required to go forward. Such as accident reports, and medical reports Supervisor or Round table group is waiting for the documents so they can review them and take further actions.
  4. The car insurance company wants to take a thorough review of your claim as it appears to be fraudulent.
  5. Stalling long enough to destroy the evidence or get lost. It’s a way to avoid the insurance amount.
  6. Your company is just showing bad faith so you will drop the case or settle for less. If there is no obvious reason for the company to delay then there are high chances that they are behaving in bad faith.

What is Bad Faith Insurance?

When an insurance company goes against their insurance policies, does not pay the legit insurance claim, or takes too long to investigate the accident in order to stall the insurance. All these conditions refer to bad faith insurance.

Insurance companies show bad faith when they do not want to pay the claim price of a valid case. The most common reason behind bad faith is that companies do not have enough money to give, or they lack time to investigate, or even not having a lawyer can also result in bad faith insurance.

There is a variety of ways in which a car insurance company will show bad faith. So if you are suspecting such behavior you should immediately consult with your lawyer.

Claim Assessment by Car Insurance Company

Most of the time insurance companies do not go through the details of the claim. They just read the documents and give you your money. However, if they feel like a false claim has been filed then they are most likely to stall the claim until they are fully satisfied with the claim.

In such a case insurance company look for every single detail of the accident. Find the proof that is in the favor of the claim as well as against it. In this way, they reach a final conclusion.

Help the company Process the Claim

You can actually help the insurance company to make the process faster by providing them necessary documents. Give them organized accident records so they will be easier to process.

Many times, adjusters do not ask for supporting documents or just misplace them. In such cases provide them with all the police statements, medical records, and accident reports.

The following documents can be a great booster in claiming your insurance:

  1. Adjuster’s report
  2. Medical reports
  3. Accident photos
  4. Witness contact information
  5. Repair estimates

Ideally, you should communicate through emails or letters with your insurance company. Text messages are also accepted but not very effective. Phone calls are the worst form of communication however in most cases communication is done via phone calls. So, there is no way to use it as evidence late on.

If you still want to communicate over the phone then at least write the name of the call representative with the time of the call including all the details discussed over the phone. Take printouts of all the conversations that happened between you and the company. This step will be beneficial for you in the future.

Consult your Lawyer

If you are unable to handle the situation with your insurance company then you better consult with your attorney. Some claims might constitute bad faith so you need some expert advice in such a case.

Car Insurance Company is Stalling

Many people, unfortunately, had car accidents and they face difficulty in getting insurance claims from the car insurance company. The company can show bad faith due to certain reasons so you should have detailed knowledge of the insurance claim process to get your money. Also, you can also boost the investigation process by providing supporting documents such as adjuster reports, medical reports, accident photos, accident photos, and repair cost estimates.

If still, your car insurance company is stalling you then you need to consult your lawyer. Discuss the situation, provide him with supporting documents and look for ways to strengthen your insurance claim.

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