Top 5+ Best Gaming Desk Under 15000 (April 2023) Update

Top 5 Best Gaming Desks under 15000 in India April 2023 Best Selling Gaming Desk On Amazon +22,391 Ratings 4.5 Star Customer Save Up to 50% Off Gaming Desk Under 15000 Checkout on Amazon The …

Top 5 Best Gaming Desk Under 15000
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Top 5 Best Gaming Desks under 15000 in India April 2023 Best Selling Gaming Desk On Amazon

+22,391 Ratings 4.5 Star Customer Save Up to 50% Off Gaming Desk Under 15000 Checkout on Amazon

The gaming industry in the entire world is thriving faster than ever. As the demand for gaming is increasing so the demand for associated accessories with gaming is also increasing. People are now interested in buying gaming desks for their gaming rooms. Considering this we have searched and listed here the top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 in India for game lovers.

Complete details of each desk with pros and cons are given. You can go through each gaming desk and see if it matches your requirement or budget. If yes, then go for it.

Top 5 Best Gaming Desk under 15000

We have short-listed the top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 for you. Each item in our list is examined thoroughly before putting it on the list. All the gaming desks are worth buying and provide you real value-for-money experience.

1. Vitesse Gaming Desk 55 inch, Gaming


The first and the most favorite gaming desk of gamers are Vitesse’s gaming desk. It is a racing-style T shape professional gaming desk. It is designed to give you plenty of room for gaming. This gaming desk looks cool and attractive.

It has space where you can put your headphone, and a cup holder to hold your soda or coffee in there so you won’t mistakenly throw it on your gaming setup. It also comes with a full mouse pad and gaming handle rack. It is a complete package and like a sweat dream for a gamer.

This rectangular-shaped desk is a product of the Waleaf brand. It comes in carbon fiber color and most of the part of this desk is made up of plastic.

You can put 2 screens on this desk as a steel frame is used with a high-density fireboard. It gives the desk strength to hold 2 screens with a couple of accessories.

The best thing about this gaming desk is its warranty. The company gives you 12 months of warranty. If there is an issue with the desk or you need any new parts, the company will respond to you within 24 hours. Vitesse Gaming company has the best customer support.

It is a multipurpose desk; you can use it for your computer or as a study table. The PVC surface makes it waterproof. You can also charge your phone through its built-in 4-port smart USB charger.

The dimension of this large desk is 55.1’’ L * 23.6’’ W * 28.5’’ H with a maximum weight capacity of 260 lbs. It is overall the best gaming desk that one gamer can think of. It got all the required features and specifications.

Pros and Cons


  • Multipurpose gaming desk.
  • Customer support will respond to your queries in 24 hours.
  • 4 port smart USB charger.
  • 12 months of warranty.


The desk becomes unstable sometimes upon a sudden push.

Customer Reviews

  1. Good build quality but not sturdy after installation.
  2. The desk does not come as a single piece instead it is made up of 2 pieces.
  3. Great 44’’ desk with this price range.
  4. Great desk at a low price.


2. Xtreme PRO Direct Theme Printed Desk Top. Gaming


It is an excellent product in a reasonable price range. If you are fond of painting and want a printed desktop, then Extreme pro direct theme printed desktop is an excellent choice for you. It is a multipurpose desk that can be used as a gaming desk, study table, or work desk.

People who love to have wood stuff will be glad to hear that it is a wooden desk with a carbon steel stand. It is a modern-style rectangular desktop made by ICEBERG Belgium.

The surface of this desk is eco-friend and smooth. You can have your desired theme-based painting on your gaming desk. It is a wonderful way to personalize your gaming desk and make your room a lot cooler with this amazing desktop.

This desk is durable because of its anti-rust material alongside carbon fiber texture powder coated steel frame. All these materials will make the desk life up to 45 years.

An adjustable desk will allow you to sit in a comfortable position. It comes with silver nano technology which reduces the production of bacteria by up to 99%.

The table comes with a headphone holder, extension holder, stationary cup, and hi-tech mat for the mouse. You can place 2 LEDS on this table and enjoy a good gaming experience.

The dimension of this desk is 47.5’’L * 22’’W * 30’’H with a weight capacity of 85kg. It has black matt furniture finishing. This product required assembly before you will use it. It comes in three parts which can easily be joined together into this amazing theme-based desk.

Moreover, it is manufactured in India, so we proudly present you this desk in the list of top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 in India. It has an excellent coating, printing, innovative desk design, and world-class quality standards. Do give it a thought when buying the best gaming desk for yourself.

Pros and Cons


  • Theme-Based Printed Desk
  • Multipurpose Desk
  • Wooden Desk with Carbon Steel Frame
  • Steel Frame Coated with Carbon Fiber Texture
  • Anti-Rust Desk
  • Desk lift to 45 years
  • Anti-Bacterial Surface using Silver Nano Technology


No cons

Customer Reviews

No customer reviews are available.

3. Mr. IRONSTONE L Shaped Desk,


It is a unique L-shaped desk that you might find interesting. A multipurpose computer corner desk that can be used as a study or worktable as well. The design is made to save space in your room. The large stand of the desk makes it stable during gaming so that it won’t shake upon sudden push.

The vintage top gives the desk a premium look. Metal frames provide it steady grip on the ground with durability and strength. The L shape of the desk covers less room area so this desk will also save a lot of room space.  The desk can be placed in any corner of the room.

The shape of the desk gives you more space to put your stuff on the desk. It’s almost double that of a regular-sized desk due to its unique L shape. Thus, it gives more desk area and covers less room space.

This desk is durable as the top is manufactured by using P2 Mdf Board. The frame is made up of heavy-duty powered coated metal which supports heavy parcels. You can place 2-3 personal computers on the desk.

The dimension of the desk is 50.8’’L * 50.8’’W * 18.2’’D. Both sides of the desk have the same length so you can switch to both sides without feeling any major difference. You can also use this desk on an uneven floor as it comes with adjustable leveling pads which allows you to adjust the pad to make it even.

The desk surface is anti-skidding and anti-scratch so that you enjoy the good premium shiny surface all the time.

The Assembly of the desk is too simple and fun. All the instructions and necessary tools are provided by the company along the desk. You can read it and assemble the gaming desk in no time with a little effort.

Overall, it is one of the top 5 best gaming desks under 15000in India. It has all the features and qualities a good gaming desk should have. It is a value-for-money desk. You can definitely consider this desk while searching for a gaming desk in India.

Pros and Cons


  • L-shaped desk.
  • Coverless area and save space.
  • Anti-Skidding Desktop
  • High-Quality P2 Mdf Board with Metal Frame
  • Adjustable Leveling Pads to ensure stability on uneven floors.
  • Anti-Scratch Surface
  • 2-3 monitors can fit on this L-shaped desk.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The width is not good enough.
  • Delicate roads
  • Loose screws

Customer Reviews

  1. Excellent product however width can be increased for like 3 inches.
  2. No issue with the product
  3. Screw nuts are blocked
  4. Screws are not tights and bolts come out easily while roads are not strong.
  5. Very Saturday and gird
  6. Price for a value product.
  7. Full Satisfaction

4. Tarkan Professional Gaming Desk Large


The 4th desk on our top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 is Tarkan Professional Gaming Desk. It is specially made for gamers, and it has special RBG lights which complement the gaming room.

You can hang your headphone on the hook and a cup holder will hold your cup of coffee to energize you during your gaming competition. It is a multipurpose desk you can use it for office work and also for study.

It is a z-shaped modern-style gaming desk that looks amazing in a gaming room. It enhances your gaming experience. The board is made of high-density fiber. The surface of the board is PVC.

The size of the desk is 47’’ * 22’’ and the height is 30 inches, overall size gives a premium user experience during gaming. This desk comes with a leveling system to ensure stability on uneven floors.

You need to assemble the desk on your own. However, if you find any difficulty then you can contact the support team, and they will help you out. But the installation process is quite simple and instructions and necessary tools are provided with the desk so you can easily do it on your own.

The Tarkan brand gives the 120 days warrantee of the desk. You can claim to replace or repair the damaged parts of the desk.

All the above factors make this Tarkan Professional Gaming Desk the top choice of most gamers. It has all the features a gamer can use. It is a simple yet durable product.

Pros and Cons


  • RBG lights
  • High-density fiberboard
  • PVC Surface
  • Desk Leveling System
  • 120 days parts warranty


  • JST cable is missing
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

  1. Good gaming table but some items are missing
  2. Little bit expensive
  3. Appropriate desk height for working
  4. Super gaming table
  5. Stylish and comfortable

5. VITESSE VIT 55 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Metal Desk


The last desk on our list of the top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 in India is VITESSE VIT 55’’ ergonomic gaming desk. The best and most unique thing about this T-shaped desk is it has a full desk mouse pad so that you can use the whole space during gaming.

It comes with a USB gaming handle rack, cup, and headphone holder which is made up of polyvinyl chloride. It is a black color contemporary style rectangular desk.

Solid steel frames give the support of a sturdy PVC top of the desk that can handle up to 260 pounds of weight.

The dimension of this excellent gaming desk is 55.1’’W * 23.6’ ’D * 74.9H. The full top of the desk support mouse and other gaming device movement so that you can have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

USB rack supports up to 4 USB ports that you can use to charge your phone, headphone, or iPad during gaming, studying, or working. You do not need to stand up from your seat to charge your gadgets.

This amazing desk comes with cable grommets and a storage tray that makes gaming more fun.

You get 1-year parts warranty on this desk so if you come across any low-quality part, you can just call away from getting a new part or repairing the old one. Their support team will look into your issue very quickly.

So, this is an overall quality product with a lot of unique and handy features. No double because it is the choice of top gamers. You can also add it to your list of gaming desks and compare it with your other desk then come to a decision.

Pros and Cons


  • Full desk mouse pad
  • USB gaming handle rack support 4 USB ports
  • 260 pounds weight capacity
  • PVC desk surface
  • Storage tray
  • Cable grommets
  • Adjustable special features


  • Not easy to assemble

Customer Reviews

  1. Good for beginners
  2. Decent setup
  3. It is sturdy
  4. Excellent assembly
  5. Very nice gaming desk
  6. Excellent product for the price

How to Short List the Best Gaming Desk in India

People often get confused by seeing so much variety of gaming chairs. They do not know how to shortlist 2-3 items and then finalized one. Well, here we have some parameters that will help you to choose the best gaming chair according to your requirements and budget.

Build quality

The first and most important thing you should consider while shortlisting the gaming desk is the build quality of the desk. There is no use in getting a desk that does not last long. The gaming desk should be strong, durable, and have excellent quality build material.


The second most important thing to consider is the warranty period of the gaming desk. Most of the top brands provide 1-3 years of warranty on their gaming desks. Always consider the warranty when choosing the product.

Customer review

Customer reviews will give your an idea about the experience of other people who already bought this product. You will get to know the pros and cons of the gaming desk after usage.

Always read customer reviews and you will get a clear picture of whether you want to go with a particular product or skip it.

After Sale services

One of the most neglected things people do is not consider the after-sale services of a product. When you are buying something do consider these. As you will be using it, if something goes wrong with your product sales services will resolve your issue.

Select the gaming desk brand that provides good after-sale services.


The durability of the gaming desk is another factor that you should consider. Make sure to select the one item that will last longer and be durable.

Conclusion:- Top 5 Best Gaming Desks Under 15000

Top 5 Best Gaming Desks Under 15000

Gaming desks are now becoming an essential part of the gaming experience. People specially made separate gaming rooms and game setup that is incomplete without the gaming desk. However, they also want an affordable and durable gaming desk.

We hope that now you know all the details about the Top 5 best gaming desks under 15000 in India. These are stylish, durable, affordable, and complement your gaming room as well.

Some brands are also offering a warranty, so we recommend you consider any of the above 5 desks that match your requirements and budget range. After-sales services of each selected desk are also great. Do let us know which gaming desk you bought for your gaming room.

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