Best Budget Camera for YouTube in India (August 2023) Video Camera GUIDE

Best Budget Camera for YouTube videos in India August 2023 Best Salling Camera for Youtube on Amazon +1,469 Rating 4.5 Star Customer Save Up to 20% Off Budget camera for youtube Checkout on Amazon Best …

Best Budget Camera for YouTube in India
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Best Budget Camera for YouTube videos in India August 2023 Best Salling Camera for Youtube on Amazon

+1,469 Rating 4.5 Star Customer Save Up to 20% Off Budget camera for youtube Checkout on Amazon

Best Camera for YouTube Videos

YouTube has become a large industry in India. Many YouTubers are earning really well by sharing their knowledge, videos, thoughts, and anything that people find interesting to watch on the internet. As for video recording, YouTubers need a sophisticated camera. The best budget camera for YouTube videos in India is not very hard to find.

If you are the one who is a YouTuber and looking for the best camera to shoot your YouTube videos like a professional, then we have the best canon camera for you right here in this article. You do not need to go through the tiresome process of comparing and finding different cameras and deciding which one is better. Let us leave this job to us and you focus on your video content and user engagement.

Just go through the details of this canon’s best budget camera for YouTube in India before you buy this for recording your amazing YouTube videos.

Canon EOS 200D II

The best camera for YouTubers is Canon EOS 200D II. We have reached this conclusion after doing a lot of online searches and comparing the top 5 cameras. Thus, we have chosen this camera as the most suitable one for YouTube videos at an affordable price.

There are a couple of reasons why we select the Canon EOS 200D II as the best camera. You should look into that before making any purchase decision.

Why it is the Best Budget Camera for YouTube in India

Canon EOS 200D is the best camera for YouTube videos. It is the lightest weight DSLR camera you ever found. Not only lightweight but it also comes with a vari-angle 3 inches touch LCD screen which allows you to navigate and preview photos and videos more efficiently.

It is easy to carry around which is particularly important if you are a professional photographer as you don’t get tired of lifting heavy cameras and focus more on your productivity and creativity.

EOS DSLR is the first time introduced in this camera which makes you able to create smooth skin features on your photos and also provides you with creative assistance. Now you not only use your own creativity but also use the AI creativity and thus produce more attractive and stunning photos.

Overall, it is a great and all-rounder camera for a YouTuber. As this profession needs creativity, and smoothness, and attracts users with amazing videos and photos. This camera will definitely help the YouTubers to get more views, subscribers, and all other good stuff in a reasonable price range.

Dual object focus is an amazing feature of this camera. If you are recording videos, then this camera will focus on more than one object and increase the content quality of your video. It is a great camera for YouTube videos.

Most of the time it is required to preview the video on a mobile or laptop, so this camera gives you the option of sharing the data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with minimum battery consumption. It is a useful feature and allows you to capture and analyze your videos at the same time without much battery drain.

The camera comes with a built-in mic option that is great for YouTubers and content creators. You can use this option effectively to record excellent quality videos.

The design of this camera is made to provide maximum comfort to the user during snapping and videography. It provides a good grip and excellent user experience. You won’t feel tired even in the wake of involving it for quite a long time. That is an excellent quality of the canon cameras. If you are going to use it professionally then it is strongly recommended to consider this amazing canon product.


The best budget camera for YouTube in India is Canon EOS 200D II. It comes with a 24.1MP digital SLR camera in gorgeous black color. Additionally, canon also gives you EF-S 18-55mm f4 STM lenses.

The camera has inbuilt eye detection autofocus functionality to produce better images. The optical zoom capacity of this canon camera is up to 3x so you can now do wildlife photography with this amazing camera which has the capability to take distant photos with clarity.

If you are using Wi-Fi, you can easily connect it with your camera. The screen size is 3inches which is large enough to see a preview of your photos and videos.

The best thing about this canon brand is if you are not a professional photographer then a camera comes with an auto-shooting mode that allows you to capture the beautiful moments of life.

The latest cutting-edge technology is used in this canon camera that allows the photographer to click better photos. For example, image stabilization also known as IS becomes immensely helpful during unstable shooting circumstances. Your picture will not get shaky due to the instability of your camera.

DIGIC 8 processor is used in this camera which makes the snapping process smooth and faster.

It is a bit heavy camera that weighs around 1.22kg with 22*17*14cm in dimension. Cameras use a battery to work so a Li-ion battery is used to keep it on. Also, it is a long-lasting battery that prolongs the life of the camera. The charger of the camera also comes with the box with the AC cable that is used to charge it.

The photos and video captured by the photographer is stored in a 16GB memory card that comes with the camera, so you do not need to get it separately.

Canon camera comes with other accessories too which include a strap to hold the camera. It may not seem an important thing but if you mistakenly drop the camera then it will cost you a lot to repair it. So, it is always better to use a strap while using the camera.

Security of the data is also kept in mind by the canon manufacturers. The interface of the camera is secured digitally to avoid data leakage.

The aspect ratio of this camera is 4:3 which is incredibly good for YouTube videos and photography. Max resolution and optical sensor resolution is 24.1MP.

The build quality of the camera is excellent and it is an important thing to consider especially if you are going to use this camera for your professional work. You have to use it daily and it must be reliable and durable for the long term.

Canon provides you with 7 days replacement of the camera just in case of any damage and lens problems.

Features and Specifications

  • Image Stabilization
  • Excellent Performance
  • 5 fps Continuous Shooting Speed
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Maximum Shatter Speed 1/4000 seconds
  • Minimum Shatter Speed 30 seconds
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Secure Digital Interface
  • LCD 3 Inches Screen
  • Optical Viewfinder
  • DIGIC 8 Processor
  • 1 Max and Optical Sensor Resolution
  • Minimum Focal Length 18 millimeters
  • 2160p Video Capture Resolution

Special Features

  • 4k Video Recording
  • Creative Assist
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Eye Auto Focus


  • Eye Detection Auto Focus
  • 3x Optical Zoom Capacity
  • 7 days Replacement
  • Automatic Shooting Mode
  • 3 Inches Screen Size
  • 16GB Memory Card
  • Self-Timer
  • Bluetooth
  • Built-in Mic
  • Durability
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Best Battery Life
  • Value for Money Product
  • Excellent Picture Quality
  • Light Weight Camera
  • Excellent Ergonomics


  • Some people find the body of the camera too small


  • Strap
  • Battery Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • AC Cable


  1. Not sure if this camera is good for beginners
  2. Great purchase
  3. Camera is awesome
  4. Decent quality camera, good for beginners
  5. Amazing camera
  6. Using it for a few months, it is an awesome camera
  7. Good camera at a reasonable price
  8. No SD card is included
  9. Lightweight camera

How to Shortlist the best Canon Camera?

Here is a list of some of the most crucial factors that you should consider while shortlisting the camera for YouTube video recording.

  • Image Quality
  • Grip and Size of Camera
  • Video Quality
  • Budget
  • Processor
  • Sensor
  • Lenses
  • Warranty
  • Customer Services

So above are some factors that you should keep in mind when choosing your camera. Always do a search and comparison of different cameras before making any decision.

Best Budget Camera for YouTube in India

Well, when we talk about cameras then the first word that comes into our mind is DSLR. The best budget camera for YouTube in India is Canon EOS 200D II. It is an excellent product that comes with 4k video recording, dual pixel CMOS AF, creative assist for the beginners, auto eye focus, secure interface with 3 inches of LCD, minimum focal length of 18 millimeters, DIGIC 8 processor, 2160p video capture resolution are some of the main features of this amazing product.

Cutting-edge technology with excellent performance is the key factor of Canon EOS 200D II. The more interesting thing about the product is its 7 days replacement policy. If you find anything damaged or not working properly then you can claim replacement.

It is overall an excellent camera for YouTube videos by the canon. You surely give it a thought and do let us know about your experience and thoughts about this great Canon EOS 200D II camera.

Which camera is used by Youtubers?

I have seen that when youtubers start their channel, they start making videos from their phones.
When they get the money, they think of buying a canon 200d because here the camera is low budget and is specially known for making videos.

Is a GoPro good enough for YouTube?

gopro camera is used for underwater or action, adventure camera
The quality of the gopro camera is very good and here it is so small that you can keep it in your pocket and take it anywhere.

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