What is ID Number on Webull April 2023 Update

What is the ID Number on Webull Many people have questions regarding Webull. If you are one of them and want to know what is ID Number on Webullthen you are in the right place, in …

What is ID Number on Webull April 2023 Update
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What is the ID Number on Webull

Many people have questions regarding Webull. If you are one of them and want to know what is ID Number on Webullthen you are in the right place, in this article you will find the answer to this question, keep reading.

Before jumping to the requirement of the Webull ID, let us shed some light on what is Webull ID and does Webull require ID.

What is the ID Number on Webull

Webull ID number is just like your CNIC number issued by your country, it is similar to your social security number or your passport. The purpose of Webull ID is to identify verification along with the account information of each user.

You can get your Webull ID by logging into your Webull account. You will find your Webull ID in the personal information section right below the account information.

Does Webull Require an ID

Yes, Webull requires an ID number. Fortunately, the citizens of the US and a few more countries can use their national ID card number, driving license, or passport as Webull ID number.

ID number is a number used by any country for citizen identification.

Webull often required ID proof so users of different countries can use one of the following documents as identity verification for Webull.

Country          Webull ID Number

US                                          Social Security Number

Japan                                    Japanese Residence Card ‘’Zairyu Card’’

China                                    18-digit Citizen Identity Number

Malaysia                                MyKad

India                                      Adhaar Card

Turkey                                   Republic of Turkey Identity Card ‘’Kimlik Karti’’

Brazil                                     Brazilian Identity Card ‘’Cedula de Identidade / carteira de identidade’’

Republic of Korea                 Unique Resident Registration Number

Philippines                            Philippine Identity Card ‘’PambansangPagkakakilanlan’’

Webull Account Opening Process

Account opening at Webull is quite easy. It has its own benefits and a lot of advantages over the other trading firms. At Webull you can trade with 0 commissions, IRAs, long trading hours, and excellent software.

You can use the mobile app and website both for Webull account opening. Let us go through them both one by one.

Webull Account Opening Through Mobile App

Install and open the Webull application on your android or iPhone. Find the button which says ‘’Open Account’’ at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it, you will be moved to the sign-up page.

Enter either your phone or mobile number and a strong password for your account. Once you sign up then you need to provide some documents and personal information to get registered at Webull.

Webull Account Opening Through Website

The process of account opening on the website is similar to the mobile application. You need a mobile or email for account opening you will get a verification code on your selected destination. Enter the code and provide the necessary documents and personal information for account verification.

Necessary Document for Webull Account

You need to upload scanned copies of the necessary documents while opening the Webull account. Here are the required documents that you can upload:

Documents for US Citizens

  1. Passport, driving license, national ID card, social security number

Documents for Non-US Citizens

  1. National ID card, driving license, passport

If you are a Chinese user, then along with the ID you need to provide a photo as well.

Personal Information Required for Webull Account

You need to enter your email ID and phone number at the time of registration at Webull. Download the Webull app and register yourself there. Well, this information is not sufficient to start trading, you need to provide the complete information to build your profile. The following information is required:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Details of Dependents
  5. Marital Status
  6. Country of Residence
  7. Employment Details
  8. Address
  9. Scanned Copy of ID
  10. Security Questions and Answers

Webull is totally a digital platform. All the things are automated, and you will get your account activated within 24 hours after you fill out all the profile details. Once you get an activated account then you can start trading immediately.

Account Type

Webull currently offers IRAs and individual taxable accounts. You can choose one according to your preferences.

Webull Account ID

Once you successfully get registered with us with all your personal information then Webull will generate an Account ID against your profile. It will act as an identity for all your activities. All the trades that you will open will be identified by your unique Webull account ID.

You can check your account type and your Webull ID through the app. Follow the below steps to get your account type and ID.

  1. Open the Webull app.
  2. Press the Webull logo at the middle bottom of the screen that will take you to the home screen.
  3. Open ‘’details’’, right next to the ‘’total account value’’ button.
  4. An account profile will open, where you can find the account type with ID.

Free Stocks on Account Opening and Funding

You will be pleased to know that Webull offers you free stocks worth between2.5$ to 250$ on account opening and not only this, at the time of funding you will get 12$ to 1400$ worth of free stocks.

All the free stocks will take up to a week for showing in your account.

Demo Trading First

Once you set up your account, Webull recommends you do some trading on a demo before you actually dive into the real trading. This is necessary because you will get an idea about the software’s working process and also get some confidence before starting with actual funds.

One other major benefit of demo trading is to polish your skills and trading strategy. So, it is always a good idea to start with demo trading and then go for real funds.

Customer Service

Webull has a great customer service team. Additionally, they also have FAQs on their website for newbies. All the questions that a newbie can ask have already been answered on their website.

Conclusion – What is the ID Number on Webull

Webull generates a unique ID number for each user. This number is used for trade identification and account management for the users. Webull offers you free stocks at the time of account opening and funds transfer. It is the simplest and most famous trading platform that you can ever come across. The account opening process is amazingly easy and all of your personal data is safe with Webull. If you considering opening an account, then you can definitely give Webull a thought.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have 2 Webull accounts with the same ID?

Yes, a user can open 2 accounts of different account types on Webull. Such as if a user has a margin account, then he can also open a cash account.

Why is an ID required for Webull account creation?

As Webull complies with FINRA and SEC so they must verify the subscriber identity and check the credibility of the user as well in order to make a fraud-free trading system.

What is the difference between ID and Webull Account Number?

An ID is provided by your country, or it is a citizen registration number that you use in Webull at the registration time.

While the Webull account number is generated by Webull for each user. All of your account trades are identified by that number. Additionally, you will use the Webull account number to contact customer support just in case of any issues.

Can I update my ID after registration on Webull?

No, you can not change your ID once your account is registered with Webull. However, if your ID is expired then you can upload the latest scanned file of your documents.

Additionally, you can update the following information on your account:

  1. Expired ID picture
  2. Email
  3. Home address
  4. Contact number
  5. Employment background

Is my personal information like ID and SSN safe on Webull?

Yes, absolutely all personal information is safe with Webull. As they use encryption, firewall, and identity theft prevention to avoid any kind of data leakage.

Can I use Weibull without an ID?

No, you cannot use Webull after accouterment identification. Webull is an adapted banking allowance platform, and like all added banking institutions, it is appropriate by law to aggregate and verify the identification advice of its users to accede with KYC  AND ANTI MONEY ” regulations.

When you assurance up for Webull, you will be appropriate to accommodate your claimed information, including your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security cardinal (or Tax ID for non-US citizens). Additionally, you may be asked to upload a photo of your government-issued ID and a selfie for facial acceptance verification.

Therefore, to use Webull, you will charge to accommodate accurate anatomy of identification to complete the allotment process.

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