Best Heater for Winter in India August 2023 Update Orpat OEH-1220 2000

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Best Heater for Winter in India
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Best Heater for Winter September 2022 Worth Buying in India | Click Here To Check  Best Heater For Winter in India

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Heaters are unavoidable in winters as temperature drops to minus degrees in some areas. Having the best winter heater in such a situation is quite a blessing. If you are the one who is looking to buy the best heater for winter in India, then lucky as we have done all the research for you. All you need to do is go through the article and read all the details before purchasing.

Before going to the best heater, here are some factors and types of heaters that you must know before making any buying decision.

Which factors to consider before selecting the Best Winter Heater?

Before selecting the best heater for winter in India you should look for the following features:

  1. Watts
  2. Safety grill
  3. No heating elements
  4. Safety option
  5. Power cut feature
  6. Portability
  7. Temperature settings

These are some factors that will help you to find the best winter heater.

Types of Winter Heaters

It is necessary to know the types of heaters before you buy them. So here are the three main types of heaters. Each type has a different heating technique. They are separated based on the methods they use to generate the heat.

1. Conventional Heater

It is an old technique of heating. The coil or panel of the heater generates the heat and fan is used to spread it in the direction of the heat panel.

2. Radiant Heater

Radiations are used to heat the room in this technique. However, these rays are infrared so you cannot see them with naked eyes. When these radiations fall on the surface and generate heat on that surface.

3. Conduction Heater

In this heating method, the coil of the heater gets heated as electricity passes through the coil, and heat is transferred through the panel to the front of the heater. In such case, the area around the heater gets heated first and another room is heated afterward.

Now you know the several types of heaters. You can now create a better decision about which type of heater you want to buy for the coming winter.

Best Heater for Winter in India

After doing hours of research and comparison of several heaters we have reached the conclusion that Orpat OEH-1220 is the best winter heater. It is an affordable, reliable, and value-for-money product.

Why Orpat OEH-1220is Best Winter Heater

This is a premium quality heater that you can find in this price range. There are several reasons why we choose this product to be the best among other winter heaters.

The metal which is used in the manufacturing of the heater motor is made of copper. As you know copper will last longer than other metals, so it makes this heater more long-lasting than others.


Orpat OEH-1220 is a white stylish heater. It has a 2000-watt fan, from here you can have an idea how much electricity it will save for you.

This heater brand will give you 1 year of warranty. This means if anything goes wrong with the heater, then you will get assistance from the company either they will repair it, or in case of damage, the company is also willing to give you a new winter heater.

The material used in its wires is copper which ensures its longevity and increases the durability of the heater. The body of this heater is mostly made of plastic and metal.

This heater can be used to heat a certain area in a room. It is suitable for 250 square feet of room size. It can heat a small or medium-sized room when runs at 2000 watts however you might feel some noise due to the fan. It may be annoying for some individual who prefers to sleep in pin drop silence.

The thing people most like about the brand is they provide you with a wattage chart. It has area and watts on it, it tells you how much watts are going to be used for x number of square feet.

Most people have no idea how much they are going to be charged for electricity but now you can get rough estimates and choose your product accordingly.

You need a special plugin 15A to use this winter heater and it should have 3 pins. Also, try to use it in a dedicated socket.

The best about this winter heater is its overheating protection. It has no sagging and a long-life heating element to it. The safety cut-off system allows you to cut down the power in case of a short circuit.

The weight of this heater is around 1kg, and its dimensions are 23*11*22 cm. It is a durable, easy-to-use, and lightweight winter heater for regular use with premium build quality.

Features and Specifications

Special features and specifications of the best winter heater are:

  • Spot heating
  • A copper wire motor increases the durability and life of the heater.
  • 2000-watt motor
  • Lightweight
  • No sagging
  • Excellent material quality
  • Heat protection System
  • Safety cut off
  • Temperature controls
  • Easy to use
  • Long-life heating element
  • Thermal safety cut off
  • 1000 and 2000-watt 2 separate heating system


  • Mesh grill for safety
  • Overheat protection
  • No sagging
  • Power safety cut off
  • Thermal safety cut off
  • 2 heating systems of 1000 and 2000 watts
  • Durability
  • After-deals administrations are given by the brand
  • 1-year warranty


  • It makes noise due to the fan.
  • Need a separate 15A socket for the plugin.


  1. Value for money product.
  2. Long-lasting heater if only use in winter.
  3. Lovely item
  4. The design of the heater is not good.
  5. Have been using it for 3 years and there is no issue with the heater.
  6. Good for one or persons but not more than this.
  7. Not suitable for large areas or large rooms.
  8. Good temperature controls.

How to Shortlist the Best Winter Heater?

These are some points that you should always consider shortlisting the best heater for yourself. Do consider these and you will never regret buying.

1. Pricing

The most important thing during shortlisting is to define your budget and stick to it. Only search the products that are in your price range.

2. Features and Specification

Make a list of features and specifications that you need in your heater. Make sure the heater you are shortlisting has all the required features.

3. Customer Reviews

Always read customer reviews before buying anything. These are the people who have already purchased the product and sharing their experiences. If you find something off about the reviews of a product, then it is better to exclude it from your list.

4. Warranty

Warranty is another important aspect of heaters. Prefer the one which has a higher warranty period.

5. Complaints

Look for customer complaints. There might be chances that some of the heater users are not satisfied with the product so do check these too. And analyze them if these complaints are bothering you then drop that product. You might not find a product with all the good reviews so if it’s 90% good reviews then the chances are it is a good product.

6. After Sales Services

Customer care is another important thing to consider during shortlisting. Always pick the brand which offers good after-sales service. If something goes wrong with your heater, then you call the company, and they will solve your issue. So, it is better to choose a brand that offers good customer support and care.

Final Words- Best Heater for Winter in India

People often get confused when they are buying winter heaters. They don’t have enough knowledge about heaters, so we have done a lot of searches and compared more than 10 winter heaters then we concluded that Orpat OEH-1220 is the best heater for winter in India.

There are several reasons behind this choice. It is the best durable product that you can find in this price range with such rich features. It provides double safety features both for power short circuits and overheating. It also provides a mesh grill for extra safety. It comes in 2 power modes that you can choose from according to your needs.

Apart from these amazing features, the company provides you with a 1-year warranty and excellent aftersale services. It is a value-for-money product. Do consider it when you buy a winter heater and let us know how your experience with Orpat OEH-1220 winter heater is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of heater uses the least electricity?

The oil-filled heater is the best in terms of efficiency as it uses less electricity.

Which type of room heater is best?

The best room heater is the one that does not make noise and must not have the smell of coil burning. Oil-filled heaters are good in that matter.

What is the safest heater for the bedroom?

The heater that provides overheating and electricity cut-off option and a safety grill is the best for the bedroom. They also do not have a wire burring odor and should be noiseless.

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