Best Foldable Massage Chair in India August 2023 Update JSB HF170 Massage Chair

Best Foldable Massage Chair in India August 2023 Best Selling Home Massage Chair on Amazon 4.5( Stars) Save Up to (56%) Off  Checkout Foldable Massage Chair on Amazon People need massages to relieve their pain, …

Best Foldable Massage Chair in India
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Best Foldable Massage Chair in India August 2023 Best Selling Home Massage Chair on Amazon

4.5( Stars) Save Up to (56%) Off  Checkout Foldable Massage Chair on Amazon

People need massages to relieve their pain, tiredness, and fatigue due to the busy routine of the day. Many of them cannot afford to get massages from professionals every single day. So, a better way to get a massage chair at home and take massages whenever you feel tired. There are many massage chairs, but we have picked the best foldable massage chair in India for you. Keep ready to get all the details about this amazing product.

Best Foldable Massage Chair in India

JSB HF 170 massage chair is the best chair as it will reduce muscle pain, relieve fatigue, and you will feel relaxed. All the fatigue will go away in just 15 minutes of massage.

It will cover your neck, legs, back, and a very important part of your body during the massage. It really makes you feel relaxed and calm. It is easy to customize and comes with different massage chair modes. It has a simple interface with buttons so you can use it according to your own preferences.

Why it is the Best Foldable Massage Chair

It is a multipurpose chair that will give massage to important parts of your body. The back, head, and neck areas are fully covered by this foldable JSB massage chair. It is a perfect chair to do work from home as you will get a massage and do work at the same time.

It comes with a reclining back so that you can lie down at a comfortable angle. Also, the back heating technology of this massage will eliminate all types of discomfort.

Neck and back roller massages are the main key features of this product.

Airbags in claves and lumber play a key role to relieving the pain and improving blood supply to the muscles and also increasing the oxygen levels in your cells. The sole purpose of this product is to provide relaxation to its users. Considering all these specifications and features, JSB HF 170 is the best foldable massage chair in India.

It provides you with the best performance and has an excellent ergonomic designer to enhance the user experience. You can also have different types of customizable options which are also great. So overall it is a complete package for a full-body massage chair.

SB HF170 Massage Chair Recliner Electric for Full Body Pain Relief & Relaxation


JSB HF 170 massage chair is a multi-purpose full-body massage chair. It gives an excellent foot, head, neck, back, and leg massage which provides relief and relaxes the muscles. It will eliminate all the tiredness in your body, and you will feel quite pleasant during the massage.

It comes with a recliner angle which you can adjust according to your preferences. JSB provides topquality building materials to its customers. Thus, the building material of the recliner is top-notch.

3 recline angles are provided by the company in this recliner massage sofa couch. You can also do back adjustments during reading and watching TV.

This chair uses vibration and heat during the massage which will enhance the effectiveness of the massage to the next level.

It has a great ergonomic design that aims to elevate the stress from your body. Its professionally made kneading technology provides a great massaging experience. All the pain and aches in your foot and ankles are eliminated by its unique rotation technology.

Portability is another key factor in this massage chair. It is easy to use and can move around easily due to its folding ability.

X-twist massage increases flexibility and eliminates pain due to long sitting. Neck and back roller massages that applies pressure on certain points to relieve the pain and loosen the tight muscles. Lumber airbag massage relaxes the back and neck muscles.

A powerful motor is used in this chair. These motors are the reason behind the exceptionally good massaging experience of this chair powered by electrical cords.

Rubber is used in the manufacturing process of this chair; it has an elegant brown, and white color which looks very stylish. The brand behind this excellent product is JSB which has an excellent reputation and goodwill in the market.

23.3 kg is the weight of this chair with 42*26*12 cm of dimensions. It has an average size and weight which is suitable for many users.

It increases blood circulation and relieves muscle tension thus you will feel good, relaxed, and calm. It may look like a small feature, but it really helps to elevate the user experience

Removable fabric will make the cleaning process much easier as you can remove the covers and thoroughly clean the massage machine.

The durability of this massage is far better than any other massaging machine as it has copper machines that can last up to many years. High-quality plastic is used in the manufacturing of these machines which also enhances the longevity of these machines. Thus, it is a strong and durable machine.

The JSB brand gives a 1-year warranty for this chair. To claim the warranty, you need to contact the customer support of JSB.

Box Content

  1. 1JSB Massage chair
  2. 1 Manual
  3. 1 Warranty card

Features and Specifications

  • Adjustable seat
  • Interface with touch buttons
  • Adjustable angle of recline
  • Back heating to provide comfort
  • Multi-purpose sleep massage chair
  • Heat and vibration along with massage
  • Neck and Back massage rollers
  • Lumber airbag massage
  • X twist massage
  • Hip airbags
  • Calves’ airbags
  • 3 recline levels in sofa couch
  • Back adjustments
  • Foldable chair
  • Portability


  • Perfect work from a home chair
  • Multipurpose chair
  • Tailbone pain relief
  • Excellent performance
  • Relive muscle tension
  • Customized operations
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Excellent ergonomics design
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relief of pressure from back muscles
  • Recliner massage sofa
  • Easy to move around
  • 1-year warranty


  • None


  1. Excellent chair
  2. An ideal family chair with excellent quality at an affordable price.
  3. Good packaging, easy to use and assemble.
  4. Excellent product, worth buying it.
  5. Perfect product for old age people and people with back pain.
  6. Very useful product
  7. Good value for money

Who can get Maximum Benefit from this Massager

This amazing leg massager is specially made for housewives, workers who do the heavy lifting and people who deal with a heavy workload, elderly persons, and even used for patients who have various health issues and it provides full-body pain relief to them.

Such as a person with diabetes can use this massage to regulate the blood supply in the legs which is greatly beneficial in such conditions. People with arthritis can also get relief from it.

It not only regulates the blood flow but also maximizes the oxygen supply to the cell. This will accelerate the recovery time from a long walk or workout. Indeed, it is an amazing full-body massage machine chair, and many people can get benefit from it.

Factors to Consider while Selecting Best Foldable Massage Chair

Here are some factors or key points that you should consider while shortlisting your best foldable massage chair in India.

1. Price

The primary thing you should keep in mind is your price bracket. Do not look for products that are out of your budget. Many people search for various products and spend a lot of time then realize that it is out of their budget. The first thing you need to notice while shortlisting is the price of the foldable sleep massage chair than move forward.

2. Features and Specification

Make a list of the necessary features that you want in your foldable massage chair. Then filter out the body massage machine chair that does not have all these features and specifications. That is how you will get the top 3-5 products containing all the required features.

3. Brand

The brand is another important thing to keep in mind while purchasing products. A good brand with a healthy reputation is always a better choice for the users. They gain the trust of their users over several years, so they make sure to deliver quality products to the customers. So, it is always a good option to choose branded massagers rather than going for cheap and non-branded massagers.

4. Reviews

Another important thing while shortlisting is to go through the reviews of your selected products. See the reviews of each massager and filter out the ones which do not have good reviews. If you see something is wrong with a product do not take any risk and choose the one which has good customer reviews.

It is a fantastic way to look into the pros and cons of the massager before actually buying them so always look for reviews.

5. Warranty

Warranty is another aspect of product shortlisting. Companies that offer more years of warranty are more likely to deliver quality products. So, prefer the product which has more warranty and enjoy their services without spending extra money.

It is a terrific way to save some money by selecting the massager with more warranty years. It is a great way to get full-body pain relief.

6. Customer Services

There is a high probability that you want customer service of your massage machine at any point. So, you need to select the brand which offers good customer service. Not only good but they have to be fast and solve your problem on an urgent basis.

So above are some points that will help you to find the best full-body massage chair. Always do research and comparison before making any purchase decision. This way you will select the best product for yourself at the best price.

Best Foldable Massage Chair in India

People who feel tired after workout long walks, heavy work, or just due to some disease and want some relaxing massages to relieve the pain can use JSB HF 170 massage chair. It has an adjustable seat, recliner, back heating mechanism, neck and back massage rollers, lumber airbags, b, hips, and calves’ airbags, and much more features at an affordable price.

In addition to these amazing features the JSB brand also provides you with 1 year of brand warranty on this product, so we highly recommend you buy this amazing JSB HF 170 massage chair.

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